The Project Begins.

This weekend marked the beginning of the EVVette project. We drove the pickup down into the back field with a rope and hooked up the car. The car hasn’t been started in in 2 years, and has no transmission fluid, because it all leaks out, so we couldn’t drive it. We hooked the car up by the front crossmember¬†and attached it to the trailer hitch on the truck. We pulled the car up to next to the garage and washed it with the pressure washer to remove all the mold and grime on the car before it got brought inside.

We were also able to remove some of the old carpeting. Somebody who had the car before us had replaced the rugs with some house carpet. They did a really bad job, plus it was moldy. After about 45 minutes of pressure washing and blowing with compressor the car was clean enough to bring in the garage.Which was quite the project. This car is heavy! Plus the tires have flat spots from sitting and the driveway is sunken in right in front d the garage door.

 Once it was in we were able to remove the A/C dryer and some hoses, Drain the radiator, and remove alot of unneeded vacuum hoses as the vacuum lifted headlights and wiper door wont be used. Thats it for Saturday. The project has started, Soon well be burning rubber with an electric Corvette!

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