In Need of an Update

WOW, I am really bad at keeping blogs up to date. A lot and little have happened over the past 2 months.

This might be a little choppy, its made up mostly of forum posts.

So the car got put on jack stands last night and we set into the underside. We unbolted the exhaust from the engine. We started taking apart the existing power steering box, and got the transmission lines disconnected. We also got all the engine mount bolts out and all the wires and hoses disconnected. All we need to do now is lift the engine out!

Tonight, I was able to finish removing the exhaust system. I had to cut the exhaust in the center where it goes through the frame. Then it came out in 2 pieces. Not too bad for 15 Mins of work.

Tomorrow we hope to make room out in the little garage so we have a place to put the motor and transmission when we pull it out. If we can make some room, We will be pulling that out tomorrow. I think if we can get that pulled we will be making real good time on the removal of all the ICE components. 2 weekends.

Alright, another weekend past, and alot more work to show. The Engine Is Out! it was a large feat of Sunday due to the fact that the engine hoist was bent due to a mishap with moving a 2200lb machine. But we took a big hammer and beat it back into shape for the lift. It took us about 2 hours to remove the engine with the transmission attached. We had forgotten to undo 2 small power steering lines and some weird cable that connects the transmission to the steering column!? We still don’t know what it was for. The engine and transmission we guess weigh about 800 lbs. It was very heavy. All cast iron 327 block and heads.

I have been looking into batteries over the past week and a half and we are almost certain that we will be using some form of lithium! Not sure which yet, but it will most likely be 45 of the Sky Energy 120Ah cells at the minimum. Maybe 180 or 200 Ah cells depending on how much else goes into the car.

So here are the few time lapse videos of the deconstruction nights. I was able to get 2 angles for the pulling of the engine.

Putting the car on jack stands and removing exhaust:

Removing the engine:


So hopefully over the next week or so I can finish removing the AC components and the rest of little unnecessary thing along with the rest of the steering linkage to prepare for the Rack and Pinion conversion.

My question is, Will the Warp 11 be enough motor to make the corvette go at least 100 Mph?? Its not something that will happen too often, but its a requirement of the project.

What I could figure, And please correct me if I’m wrong, is the spec sheet says the motor produces 43HP at 72V and 453A. So that would be 32,616 W. The battery pack we are using will be 162V charged so figuring with no sag at the same amperage, ( 162V x 453A ) the motor should be outputting 73,386 W. Thats 2.25 times the output power or 96.75 HP. Is this correct? That should be continuous output power correct? Do you think this is enough power to make the car do what we want?

So we were able to get some more little work done this week. We removed the gas tank and the rest of the AC system. Last night we took out the whole dash to be able to work on the wiring and heating system. The car is looking really EMPTY!

I have also been working on a program that will run on a 7.1″ touchscreen monitor in the center dash. This program will control and monitor the entire car(Gauges, BMS, Motor Controller, Charger, and System Settings). There will be no physical gauges in the car, only virtual ones. The program will interface with the BMS system that I am working on, to display all charge and discharge information, as well as individual cells to find weak ones before they become problems. The controller section will be displaying all controller information such as temps and currents and voltages. The charger section will display charger information suck as charge times and estimated charge time left and things like charge cost. Lastly on the list is the settings page. This will hold all the system settings as well as settings for the charger, controller and BMS. It will be able to export a backup of settings in-case something happens as well.

All the graphics have been designed from scratch by my friend Kyle. It is a very sharp looking system.

We have also received the new manual steering rack. It is a re-manufactured one out of a 1981 Chevy Celebrity. This should be just right for the car. We will be able to eliminate the PS pump and have all the weight in it and the fluid.

We have also begun removing the body of the car so that we can roll the chassis outside to sand blast and paint it. Once that’s done, we will strip the paint and begin with the body work. We will be resuming work on it in about 2 weeks after vacation.

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