Slow Progress…

Well here is a small update on the lack of progress.

We have decided to change around what we will be using for parts. Since my last post, Netgain has released a new motor called the Warp 11HV. The HV stands for High Voltage if you didn’t figure it out. This motor will run up to 320VDC and is good to 9000RPM!! It costs $3500 though…

So to power this new motor, requires different batteries. We will now be using 90 of the 100Ah cells from Thunder Sky. This will be the same capacity as the 45 – 200Ah batts, but it will be twice the voltage.

I have also been working on a controller that uses IGBT modules for the switch’s and diodes as these are good for a 400V working limit. I will be using between 4 and 6 of these 400A modules, derated to 300A each to create a monster controller.

I have also been working on a battery management system and charger for the car.

The BMS is based off of Paul Holmes design, but modified for my use. I will have 10 cells per BMS module. All the BMS and cells will be cased in a hard shell that will be able to be easily removed from the Vette for storage in the warm house over winter or maintenance on the car.

I have also gathered the clutch that we will be using for the car. It is a Centerforce 2 clutch with Kevlar disk rated to 500HP. It is brand new!!

I also started building a model of the motor to allow for measuring of distance and making of brackets.

Other then that, the frame has started to be sand blasted and the transmission dug out and mocked up. It is a Muncie 20 transmission, that will be torn down and rebuilt for optimal performance.

Well, Off to an EV car show in PA this weekend. I think it will give me some urge to work on the car.

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