An Awesome Weekend!

Well the show was awesome.

It was a last minute decision to go on the trip, but I figure if I didn’t show the controller this year, there would be that many more people that wouldn’t know about he open source motor controller project.

So on thursday night, I took the controller out of the golf cart and collected 13 of the best small 12V SLA batteries I have, I got the gas pedal out of the golf cart and the tread mill motor out of the garage. I used all of this to build a fully working display of the motor controller for showing at the show.

Saturday morning when we got to the EV-Event inĀ Macungie, PA. We set up the controller display on a table in the shade of a huge Tree (Maple I believe). It ended up being a good idea that we brought it. Some people have heard about the project and never seen one, and others never heard about it at all and loved it still.

The best part of the whole weekend had to be the ride I got in a Tesla Roadster!! (Hence the picture)

Well Here is a video from the ride and the EV parade of all the cars.


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