Down to the Frame

Well Its been way too long…

I have been on vacation for half the month and during that was a trip to Carlisle PA for the yearly Corvettes at Carlisle car show. Over 4000 corvettes on show. This gave us the much needed motivation to finish the car.

So yesterday we cleaned the garage around the car and wheeled the frame out into the driveway. We then started stripping everything off the car. All suspension, control arms, drive line, brakes, brake lines. Everything.

We then began repair on the frame. Before we got the car, somebody had fixed the car from after a bad accident. The car got hit in the divers side as best we can tell. But, when they put it back together by welding a new front end on, they made the drivers side frame rail almost 1/4″ too short. This is the reason the body never fit right. So were fixing it.

We cut out the section of the frame that was all dented and marked with weld from when they tried to straighten it. We will then cut the frame and add a small filler piece of metal to lengthen it. We are also able to buy a replacement piece of the frame for welding on where we cut.

Included in the pictures are some of the new lower control arms we have for the front. These are tube steel welded together. They are much lighter then stock. Other good thing is they are also used to replace the stock springs with a light weight fiberglass leaf spring. This should shave another 20-30 lbs from the front of the car.

And a time lapse video and a walk-through.

Time Lapse:

Frame Fixing Detail:

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