Back to Business!

Well its again been too long since an update.

This time its something bigger.

I now have the Warp11HV motor for the car!

I was searching the classifieds on and found somebody selling a Warp11hv for $2800. Well Rick said that if he would take $2500 for it, he would buy it. So I sent the guy an email and here we are. Motor got delivered today.

THIS THING IS HUGE!! Weighs in at 233lbs.

We took it off my fathers truck with the tractor and brought it in the garage to play with.

It was packed pretty well. some of the foam on the DE end of the motor broke lose, but there was no damage. The motor was after all, shipped twice.

So after gawking at the case for 5 mins, I took off the rear screen.

I have been planing a few mods that I want to do to the motor for the past week. After alot of research, I found a few simple improvements to do to the motor that will greatly increase power . These would be

  1. 1.Replace 3/8” power studs with 1/2” studs
  2. 2.Upgrade power connections from studs to brush towers
  3. 3.Remove cooling fan and only use forced cooling.

When I look into the brush end of the motor I find something I was totally not expecting. The motor already has thickened brush connection leads!! I was in awe! Instead of cabling like in some pictures of older 11HV’s ive seen on the internet. The connections between brush towers are made up of 3/32” thick by 1/2” wide. On the internet I saw pictures of these motors with what looked like 8 awg wire connecting the towers. Well, Theres 1 mod I dont have to do.

The next mod I will be doing will be upgrading the power posts. For this I will replace the 3/8”-16 threaded inserts with 1/2”-13 solid brass lugs. This will allow more power into these heavier brush terminals and field coils. More current = more torque.

The third mod I want to do to the motor would be to remove the massive cooling fan on the DE  on the motor. I hope to pull the fan off the shaft and replace it with just a spacer. This will make the motor accelerate quicker. This will help as I will be adding all that weight with the massive clutch.

One other mod Im working on is something with the bearings. Im worried about clutch forces on the bearing and dont want trouble. I noticed that there is a spring spacer on the outer race of the rear bearing. This rear bearing is what will take all the clutch force. And when the spring is compressed, it will allow contact between the armature and the brush towers. Im not too sure how im going to fix this yet, so more on that as I progress.

Well enjoy the pictures. More updates to come.

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