EVVette in storage…

Well last night I move the center section of the body of the Corvette from the garage to the shed for the winter. I had to wait for the cold weather to freeze the ground enough to be able to get the frame dolly across the front lawn to the shed. It had been between 10 and 20F for 2 days and evenings and felt hard enough last night. If I didn’t do it then, the rain that started today, would melt all the frost. I was also afraid if I didn’t use this opportunity with mildly frozen ground, I might miss a window without snow on the ground. That would have made it a lot more difficult.

I cleaned out all the stuff that had collected inside the car, and loaded the doors into the passenger compartment. I put all the pieces of fiberglass in the cargo area, attached a tie down strap to the body dolly and proceed to drag it out of the garage and across the lawn to the shed. I got it as close as I could, but the truck is long and left the body about 30 ft away.

I was able to use a 2×4 to turn the car around and attach a come along to the back of the frame and pull it up the ramp into the shed.

It will stay in the shed for the winter while I clean and organize the garage. Hopefully I will have a chance in the spring before the ground melts to remove it from the shed and get it back in the garage.

Before being rotated 180* to back into the shed.

Garage without Corvette

Resting place for the winter

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