New Bridgeport


Covered up on lift waiting for pickup.

Here is the new Bridgeport mill that was giving to me from a friend. He purchased it a few years ago for his shop and never ended up using it. When he was looking for some more space, he offered it to me. When we got to pick up the machine. It was already loaded on the dock lift he has at his facility. His crew left it there Friday afternoon, sitting on a pallet jack. Saturday night it had rained a little so there was a little rust on the vice and table, but nothing that cant be cleaned up. ¬†We raised the lift and backed the trailer under the ramp, then lowered it to trailer height. We rolled it over the axel’s of the trailer and slid it off the jack. Once it was strapped down, we loaded the head which was removed for ease of transport, into the back of the van.