The Fryer

Back at the end of June I made the purchase that truly got the ball rolling for this adventure. I bought my Fryer MB-11 at a going out of business auction not more than 5 miles from my home. I was so excited that I won the auction that I didn’t really plan out my rigging the best. To make a drastically long story short the auction company workers dumped the machine trying to make a quick buck, and I ended up having to hire a proper rigging company.

However, it was a learning experience and thankfully, all that was damaged on the machine was the controls, oh and my pride. None the less, I faired quite well when the auction company knocked a bunch of money off since they didn’t know how badly the machine was damaged. The controls were Anilam 3000M. So they weren’t exactly what I wanted anyway.

Thus began the control replacement process.

Below are a few pics of the machine in its original state and once it was finally moved home… the day after the move began…

Remember kids, spend the money on rigging. It’s important and this whole thing could’ve ended up a hell of a lot worse than it did.


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